4 ways to get people to share your content on Social Networks

“Discover 4 effective ways to get people to share your content on social networks. Learn strategies to boost engagement, increase visibility, and expand your online reach.”

Companies already understood that it is more profitable to relate to their customers through content instead of advertising. They also seek to improve their positioning in Google results pages. As a result, more and more content is generated on the web every day.Mastering Facebook Marketing: Strategies, Agencies, and Services

Faced with this scenario of extreme competition for the attention of surfers, how do you manage to maximize the reach and impact of the content you generate? Through the Share of consumers; In addition to increasing the reach of the content, you achieve an improvement in impact, since a message is much more credible when it arrives through a known person.AIO: The future of SEO positioning for artificial intelligence

And the key question is… How to maximize the Share?

1) Give the reader something new and unique

Write content that is unique. Think about the industry or topic you cover on your blog: what hasn’t been said yet? Is there any topic that can be treated with an innovative approach, and that adds value? Is there a current topic that can be linked to what your business/blog is about?

You may have the most innovative business, and a unique point of view, but someone has probably already written about the same topic, and someone else has taken care of translating it into Spanish. The Spanish market is usually full of posts that repeat what others say. If you don’t offer something original, it will be difficult for you to get it shared.

2) Ask yourself: Does this add value to readers?

Think: “Is what I am going to write going to create something of value to whoever reads it? Is it communicating relevant information, entertainment, or a new approach that allows the person to be in a better position than they were before reading?”

Imagine the person reading what you write. Who is it? What do you do for a living? What are your areas of interest? Imagine, with as much detail as possible, what the segmented group of people who will be interested in the content you propose will be like. The more you know him, the more relevant the content you offer can be.

Remember: when someone shares a post on Facebook or LinkedIn, it is not a number that appears in our Analytics automatically. A person came across the content and made the decision to share it. You are allowing other people to associate your image with what the content conveys, and seeking to make an impression on them. Or perhaps you want to demonstrate your authority and understanding of the subject.

3) “Touch” readers’ emotions

You have to know your audience to understand what their subjective and irrational desires are. What is going to be the story that best reflects the identity they are looking for? What will be the story that makes you think “I want to live the same life as this person”? What will make you feel happy? What will make them feel satisfied by reaffirming a belief they had? What will awaken their sense of urgency?

When the person experiences different types of strong emotions after reading the post, they are much more likely to act in some way. If the emotion is strong enough, the person will feel the desire to share with his contacts what he has just experienced.

Remember that people often make decisions driven by emotion rather than reason.

4) Use the power of stories

Many companies are tempted to share the features of their product or service, explaining why it is the best solution for a target problem. Instead of doing this, your company or blog needs to tell stories. Stories that show how Juan’s life improved, or how Marta’s company tripled its profits thanks to what you did for her.

Stories are more credible than data. From a young age we are programmed to feel empathy for the characters in stories. This way you not only manage to sell what your company does better, you also generate more attractive content to read and, therefore, more “shareable” content.

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