Meta launches ads with promotional code on Facebook and Instagram

Meta launches ads with promotional code on Facebook and Instagram

Meta announces the global deployment of ads with a promotional code on Facebook and Instagram. This is a new feature that has been tested so far by a small number of advertisers in the United States.

Let’s see the details of this option, its advantages and the results obtained.

What are promo code ads on Facebook and Instagram?

These ads include a promotional code that consumers use to get a discount when making a purchase.

When a user clicks on an ad with a promotional code, they are redirected to the brand’s website where the code is automatically applied, making the purchasing process faster and easier.


Therefore, this new feature improves consumers’ shopping experience on Facebook and Instagram. But what about advertisers?

According reported figures According to Meta, advertisers who used this option saw an average 9.1% reduction in cost per purchase for their campaigns and an average 10.1% increase in conversions.

On the one hand, advertisers pay less per conversion, which improves ROI. On the other hand, the increase in conversions suggests that promotional codes are an incentive to motivate consumers to make a purchase.

With promo code ads on Facebook and Instagram, Meta appears to offer a double promise: simplifying the purchasing process for the end user while optimizing ROI for advertisers.


Optimizing the shopping experience to make it more seamless is important to boost sales on social media.

The main challenge lies in increasing the attractiveness of these platforms for advertisers, demonstrating that they not only help increase engagement, but also generate direct sales.

This initiative could increase the chances of impulse buying by moving from discovery to purchase in just a few clicks.

To fully optimize this functionality, I suggest you follow the following tips:

  • Create personalized campaigns that go beyond demographic targeting to increase your chances of conversion.
  • Don’t just show a promo code. Present your products not as simple consumer items, but as the heroes of a story that resonates with your customers’ desires.
  • Plan your campaigns around specific events, holidays, or seasons relevant to your products.

Your turn now

What do you think about promo code ads for Facebook and Instagram? A question, a comment? Join the discussion in the comments.

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