Matthieu Delormeau is leaving TPMP… and the public is supporting him

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Since its first broadcast in 2010 on France 4, Don’t touch me, my contribution never stopped evolving. Depending on fashion and audience, various columnists have already joined the team or slammed the door. Enora Malage, Isabelle Morini-Bosc or Thierry Moreau are perfect examples. One constant: the presence of Cyril Hanouna, who has dominated the C8 set for 13 years. Nevertheless, Since 2015, the program can also count on another pillar: Matthieu Delormeau. The latter was sometimes teased or ridiculed on C8, finally announcing his final departure on May 12, 2023. A decision that most Internet users support believing the news that has been pouring in on social media for the last few hours…

Matthieu Delormeau before TPMP

The big guy didn’t wait for Cyril Hanouna to make his debut on the small screen. Through his contacts with Marc-Olivier Fogiel or even Jean-Marc Moridini, It first appeared on the encrypted channel Canal+ in 2004. Specialist in comic questions since his first columns with Maïtena Biraben, Matthieu Delormeau quickly broadened his horizons. This has been the case since 2006 At TF1 he meets Benjamin Castladion the show folks VIP language.

At the same time, the young columnist is quickly becoming one of the leading presenters of the DTT channels. So, He has been working with Clara Morgane since 2007for the program 50 celebrity videos. But everyone also remembers the reality TV debrief, and like or in broadcast cult reports So true. Unfortunately for Matthieu Delormeau, that unstoppable rise ended in 2015., as NRJ12 thanks him. Cyril Hanouna then offered him a spot among his columnists that same year.

However, this new role has often embarrassed the young man’s admirers. After Some incidents, such as noodles slipping down into her underwear, shocked the public. And from 2016 votes condemned TPMP as a humiliating show. It must be recognized that on the C8 set, in Cyril Hanouna’s little band, everyone has their role. So we find Gilles Verdez as perpetual teacher, or Géraldine Maillet, an ardent government sympathizer. Obviously each columnist plays their own character and pushes the text a bit. And Matthieu Delormeau impersonated a punch in the head for 7 years. And since 2016 he has always denied being a victim of TPMP’s star moderator.

The columnist’s fans are faced with his drastic decision

After a few days away from the set of C8, However, the columnist celebrated his big comeback at the end of April. He wanted to deny the rumors that had provoked a falling out between Cyril Hanouna and himself. He deplored the ability of some netizens to unknowingly speak or even invent drama. However, this Friday, May 12, Matthieu Delormeau announced his departure from TPMP and TPMP People. Among those who love his work, some did not hesitate to applaud his decision. They actually believe that the columnist deserves better than just claiming a role.

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Still others believe so Matthieu Delormeau has all the skills needed to continue his career without the help of Cyril Hanouna. Also, knowing his strategic mind, we can imagine the former TPMP columnist must have a good plan B for the future.

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Nevertheless, some Internet users remain skeptical about social networks. Because, as many media have pointed out, This is not a first for Mathieu Delormeau. He had already claimed that he was giving up his TPMP duties. Even today, some think his farewell tweet was just a simple announcement effect. The future will show! Waiting for, Rumors of a possible falling out between Cyril Hanouna and the former NRJ12 presenter have flared up again.

However, other netizens are also suggesting thisAn imminent scandal could soon tarnish C8’s image. So behind this affair is the dissident essayist Juan Branco.

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