Huguette mentioned this reference to Marion Game in the next issue

Huguette mentioned this reference to Marion Game in the next issue

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On the small screen, short-form series still appeal to many viewers. On M6 it all started in the early 2000s, with the arrival of Coffee camera on TV. After, Kaamelott succeeded this program. But since 2009, audiences can now relax in front Family scenes. In this soap opera, each episode lasts only a few minutes. And each of them highlights different couples, of different ages and backgrounds. However, last March, Marion Game, who played Huguette in the series, he breathed his last. That said, Gérard Hernandez, who played her husband Raymond, will remain in the cast. We will explain everything to you!

With already more than 4,250 episodes broadcast, in 14 seasons, some actors have joined the series, only to leave it a few years later. So recently Didier Benureau and Fanny Cottençon he joined the soap opera in 2023. But some have been a part of the adventure since its inception. Like José and Liliane, played by Valéry Karsenty and Frédéric Bouraly, who appear in Family scenes since season 1. In addition, Raymond and Huguette are also part of the storylines from the very beginning. Unfortunately, Marion Game, who played the role of this pensioner, relented in March 2023. For Gérard Hernandez, who entrusted him with the line for 14 years, this loss was terrible.

Also, in the case of a series tackling married life, some began to wonder if the ’90s comedian would stay on the air. But the latter was able to count on the support of the team Family scenes. After all, after all these years of faithful and loyal service, he has become a cult figure. After all, the public has always adored Raymond and Huguette. In addition, Gérard Hernandez will keep his place in the fifteenth season of the telenovela. But, according to the production of the program, other surprises await viewers as well.

Domestic scenes: the new season will land on M6, here is the air date

Family scenes
Gérard Hernandez formed a shock tandem with Marion Game in Family Scenes – Photo credits: Getty Images

Season 15 of Domestic Scenes: A Whole Schedule

AND Gérard Hernandez continues to appear in the series, everyone wonders who will replace the great void left by their partner. Don’t worry, the artistic producer of the show, Khaled Amara, has already planned everything.

“Marion is irreplaceable, so we decided to surround Raymond. »

In this context, he preferred to continue filming Family scenes, to salute his memory. AND Huguette’s disappearance will not go unnoticed.

“The best tribute we could pay Marion was to continue. She somewhere she stays with us. She will talk about Huguette and – I’ll give you a scoop – we’ll wink at her in the next prime time. »

We must therefore expect to hear, once again, the character of Marion Game, in the next few episodes. But Raymond will also be able to count on the newcomers to answer him.

“As for Gérard, there was never any doubt that he was leaving the show because he is an icon of the series and – beyond the pain – he really wanted to continue. »

In the fifteenth season of Family scenes, the 90-year-old actor will appear surrounded by 5 different characters. First, the retiree will have the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend, named Jacky. This is Patrick Prejean who will assume this role. In the series, the latter comes to settle next to his old friend after a difficult separation.

Moreover Raymond will also meet Gérard Loussine, who he will have to train to make him a little more vindictive. The public will also be able to meet his niece, Béa, or her babysitter, Charline Paul. Finally, Gerard Chaillou he will also join Scènes de Ménages to play René. But different guests will follow each other in the episodes, depending on the events and seasons.

“We will have more and more guests. For the Rugby World Cup we will have Sébastien Chabal and other VIPs for Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. »

Second Khaled Amara, the series recipe will not change. After all, so far, it’s been a huge hit with audiences.

“I think our longevity can be explained by the generosity and the need to write. We will still have a lot of fun and I hope the viewers will too! »

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