How to promote your brand with Snapchat: Stabilo's success story

How to promote your brand with Snapchat: Stabilo’s success story

How to Promote Your Brand with Snapchat - Stabilo
Stabilo’s unusual communication action on Snapchat

Good evening, It’s 2022 and Snapchat is still here! And yes, even Facebook has hit the nail on the head twice over the famous mobile app for sharing ephemeral photos and videos: first by getting rid of a refusal to buy Snapchat for $3 billion, and then by the failure of Facebook’s own competitor app, Slingshot .

This results in the question for users and especially for companies interest in promoting your brand on Snapchat. In fact, teenagers represent a privileged but difficult-to-reach audience for the various brands, and they are now leaving Facebook for…Snapchat, of course! Brand responsiveness will be put to the test again, in this little game, it seems that one brand “stands out” on Snapchat: Stabilo.

On the occasion of the launch of the new Stabilo collection, I’ll give you some strategic advice to promote your brand well on Snapchat:

1. Check if your audience is on Snapchat

Forget that idea of ​​being on Snapchat for the sake of being on Snapchat. Want to promote your brand through Snapchat? First, ask yourself this basic but often forgotten question, especially on Facebook: Do your customers use Snapchat? In the case of Stabilo, the brand is very popular among teenagers. Pencil cases, pens and highlighters are a must-have for every student!

2. Offer an original competition mechanism adapted to Snapchat

To promote your brand on Snapchat, You need to set up a fun communication flow (Fun in short, colorful, unexpected, intended to bring a good mood to your audience. At Stabilo, therefore, we find several elements that confirm this point, such as the hashtag #BECOLORFUL, the bright colors of the graphic charter, etc. The mechanics of the competition also stand out: Snapchat users have 24 hours to solve short-lived puzzles Adding the “STABILOFr” account on Snapchat. The first 50 openings are also rewarded with exclusive gifts. Your competition should also be neither too short nor too long. Three weeks to a month is a good amount of time.

3. Have you thought about making a teaser?

In the world of communication on social networks, the best way is to announce something new teasing, teasing in the truest sense of the word. “Stolen” photo, video or just a short sentence, all means are good!
    A nice teaser video made by Stabilo to promote its brand on Snapchat

4. Dare and give yourself the means to succeed

Who dares nothing has nothing; If you give yourself the means to succeed, you get success. Effectively promoting your brand on Snapchat inevitably requires significant human resources : Graphic design, web development, community management are all skills required to ensure the success of the business. Did you get in touch? intelligent Blogger to forward your operation? Is your website and Facebook page promoting your contest on Snapchat? Take a look at the Stabilo Facebook page, which by the way is a success story on Facebook, and observe the animation and moderation good practices 😉 Don’t forget to analyze and measure the success of your action: number of participants, Tweets evoking your competition (hence interest in setting up a special hashtag), sentiment of the news (positive, neutral, negative), leaking to the press (thanks Google Alerts), etc

[EDIT] On the results of Stabilo’s communications operation:Snapchat has become STABILO France’s third network by the number of subscribers… in one day!

Here are some keys to help you get started with your first operations Promote your brand on Snapchat. Do you have examples of brands that have successfully invested in Snapchat? Share them in the comments!

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