How to monitor website updates

How to monitor website updates

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To monitor updates to a web page or an entire site, you can use the RSS feed or dedicated tools with change alerts that can push changes, including new content or design changes.

One of the fundamental aspects for those who are dedicated to web marketing: discovering how and if a website is updated. For example, you can check if content is added, if by chance there is any intervention in the HTML code or in the rules useful for SEO.

monitor updates to a web page

The reasons for using tracking techniques to know if a website has changed or if a page has something new are different. And there are different techniques to have addresses Learn more about how to monitor website updates.

RSS feed to monitor updates

The easiest way to find out about changes to a website: register feed RSS. This way you can receive a notification when a portal or blog is updated.

Or rather, the moment someone posts new content. For find the RSS feed – and therefore know when a website is updated – simply add the feed suffix to theURL from the home page (type And then what to do?

Add the new address to a reader like Feedly. This way, every time a new article is published on the blog you can receive a notification and know when the site has been updated. without having to click refresh to know if there is anything new. This is useful if, for example, you are waiting for the results of a competition or exam.

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dateModified indicates the date the page was modified

If you want to know the last time a web page It has been updated just go to the source of the HTML code to discover the attribute dateModified. This element indicates the time of the last update, including day and time.

Can’t find this item? Of course, it is only present on the code side of the most of websites. It is sometimes shown to give the reader more information.

dateModified indicates the date the page was modified
Here is the article dateModified with page modification.

To continue click Right mouse button, then show source and finally do an internal search with the term. So you know what the last update of the website was.

Tool to monitor page changes

One of the solutions to monitor the changes to a web page or the entire site. There are tools. You can use them to get quick information about price changes on a product listing, to take advantage of the opportunity for a discount on the fly.

Or you can evaluate if any collaborator makes changes. On-page SEO that could influence the positioning in google. You can monitor the web pages of your site or that of your competitors, so they are excellent tools for spy on your competition online.


Do you know how works? It’s very simple: select the area you want to monitor on a website (for example the price) and continue doing your job without stress. And without update every 5 minutes the browser to see if there is anything new.

distill Alerts.

If there is a change, you will be notified immediately via email, app or SMS. Can also monitor PDF online and private pages. That’s why it’s perfect for in-depth monitoring.


Visualizing is a website monitoring service (so one or more pages from different websites) that detects changes made over time and sends email notifications. The operation is clear: just enter the URL of the website or the only page on the Internet.

You can set the checking frequency and receive notifications. Display It can be set to identify specific changes to text, such as titles, prices, or dates. it’s possible monitor multiple pages web (5 for free users) with a single account.

Calm down

Here is a fundamental tool for monitor updates Web pages. You can find everything you need at, a tool that sends daily or weekly summary emails – but also mobile notifications – with the changes made.

change tower

ChangeTower is also a useful tool to notify you about any changes made to websites that detects changes in HTML tag and send emails to those interested in news. can do visual screenshottextual results and changes at the code level.

change tower
The Changetower home screen.

How does it work? Select a part of the page to monitor layout changes. Or choose keywords, phrases, HTML code updates, prices, dates, images and more. You decide which ones elements of a web page you want to monitor.

page crawl

today’s monitor web pages in real time It’s even easier thanks to Pagecrawl, a service that allows you to get a competitor tracking service.

And your own website. There is a free version that you can use to have a first impression of the tool. Then, decide whether and how to fully use Pagecrawl.

About the version

Tracking page changes is easy. Thanks to Versionista, discover changes to HTML, PDF, and dynamic content with automatic scanning and change monitoring across entire sites. This cloud solution offers you a Continuous support.

versionist to monitor updates
Track updates with Versionista.

Among the strong points we find the possibility of indicating filters to avoid notifications of irrelevant interventions and comparisons of the highlighted HTML code to show what has been done. removed or added. Or changed again. Email summaries and instant change alerts let you keep track of everything you’ve done.

Browser notifications to monitor updates

web browser notifications

Another useful system for monitoring changes to a website: the notifications that the browser can send you. In Chrome or Firefox, for example, the moment Click on the icon At the top left, before the address of the web page, you can access a dialog box that provides various information about the site in question.

Also, for example, about the security of the SSL certificate. In this section you also have a specific option: enable updates.

Here you can see an example taken from the Repubblica. Thus, once you have completed this step, you will receive a notification in your browser to read the new content inserted in a dynamic section. A word of advice: I understand your need to monitor changes to a website, but avoid enable notifications from a portal that publishes dozens of posts a day. You risk going crazy from the alerts.

Mobile application and plugin for monitoring sites and pages

Are there also applications to monitor web pages? It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. the one from, available for both Android and iPhone: this way you will receive update notifications directly on your mobile phone. And intervene.

web alert to monitor updates

In addition, to monitor changes on a web page you can also use the Chrome extension, also present for other browsers such as Firefox and Edge. And then there is also a paid app: Web alert. Practically perfect.

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