How AI is revolutionizing proximity marketing

How AI is revolutionizing proximity marketing

Delving into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and its revolutionary impact on local marketing, allows us to explore how this fusion between AI and marketing is transforming the way we interact with local customers.

in one of my Recent Articles, I showed that the evolution of influencer marketing increasingly tends to go local. Traditionally, this involved tactics like billboards, leaflet distribution, or targeted promotions in brick-and-mortar stores.
In fact, local marketing essentially uses strategies aimed at attracting and retaining customers in a restricted geographic area, such as a city or neighborhood.

Now, if we introduce artificial intelligence in this context, how can AI revolutionize proximity marketing? Although there are powerful platforms dedicated to local influencer marketingWe will see that the use of AI can really provide additional help to local businesses.

What does AI contribute to local marketing?

We will see that by combining the power of AI with geographic data and innovative marketing strategies, retailers can better understand, target and engage their local customers, creating more relevant and personalized experiences.

1. AI allows us to understand consumer behavior

Analyzing geospatial data AI algorithms can process huge volumes of geographic data to better understand consumer behaviors in specific areas.

This allows marketers to target their efforts effectively:

  • in specific places,
  • based on trends
  • and according to local preferences.

2. AI brings greater personalization

Using AI, brands can create personalized experiences for local customers.

Therefore, theAI, analyzing demographic, behavioral and transactional dataIt allows companies to offer offers and recommendations that fit the individual needs of each consumer.

3/ AI allows geolocated ads

Offering AI-powered advertising platforms Advanced geotargeting features.

This means that advertisers can serve relevant ads only to users in a specific geographic area, maximizing the effectiveness of their campaigns.

4/ AI provides predictive marketing

By using AI-based predictive modelsCompanies can anticipate the needs of local customers.

For example, a coffee shop can use AI to predict peak periods and adjust its staff accordingly, ensuring optimal service at all times.

5/ AI improves customer service

AI-powered chatbots You can provide instant support to local customers on the company website, answering their questions and solving their problems in real time.

This strengthens customer relationships and improves the overall shopping experience.

Examples of case studies illustrating the successful use of AI

Let’s take three case studies that illustrate the successful use of AI to improve the marketing strategy of city neighborhood retailers.

1/ Local bakery optimizes its promotions with AI

Context : A small family bakery was looking to increase its turnover by attracting more local customers.

Neighborhood bakery in Brest

Solution : Using a AI platform specialized in local marketing, The bakery analyzed the purchasing habits of customers in its geographic area. Using this data, it launched targeted promotional campaigns, offering special discounts on the most popular products during off-peak hours.

Results : The bakery experienced a significant increase in traffic during the specific promotion periods, thus increasing sales and retaining new customers. Additionally, by optimizing your promotions, reduced food waste balancing production with expected demand.

2/ Local coffee optimizes its offer with predictive analysis

Context : A small neighborhood coffee shop sought to maximize its income by adapting its offering to the changing needs of its customers.

Neighborhood cafe in Toulouse

Solution : By using AI-powered predictive analytics tools, the coffee shop analyzed past consumer trends and local weather data to anticipate demand for its products. For example, they adjusted their stock of hot and cold drinks based on weather forecasts and seasonal trends.

Results : By anticipating demand, the cafeteria was able to minimize losses from overproduction and maximize sales by offering the most in-demand products at the right time. This not only higher revenue, but also a better customer experience guaranteeing the availability of your customers’ favorite products.

3/ Neighborhood bookstore increases sales thanks to personalized recommendations

Context : An independent bookstore was looking to boost its online sales and build loyalty among its local customers.

Neighborhood bookstore in Bordeaux

Solution : The library has integrated a AI-powered book recommendation system on their website. This system analyzed customers’ purchase history, reading preferences, and market trends to suggest books similar or complementary to those they had already purchased or viewed. Additionally, the bookstore used geographic data to personalize recommendations based on cultural and linguistic interests specific to their region.

Results : Thanks to the personalized recommendation system, the bookstore noticed a significant increase in online sales. Customers were more likely to purchase recommended books, which not only increased average order value but also increased brand loyalty.
Furthermore, the bookstore was able better meet the specific needs of your local customers offering recommendations adapted to their tastes and cultural context, which helped consolidate their position in the community.


Artificial intelligence opens up new and interesting possibilities for proximity marketing. By combining the power of AI with geographic data and innovative marketing strategies, companies can better understand, target and engage their local customers, creating more relevant and personalized experiences. Furthermore, we see that merchants who benefit from AI can significantly increase their sales, adapt their stock and staff, but also be better recognized in their local market.

Stay tuned, because this revolution is underway and just beginning!


Local marketing focuses on attracting customers in a specific geographic area, such as a city or neighborhood. Traditionally, this involved tactics like billboards, brochures, or in-store promotions. However, with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, it is evolving towards more specific and personalized strategies.
Local marketing is evolving enormously because the algorithms used by AI allow a better understanding of local consumer behavior and facilitate the precise targeting of marketing efforts with very positive impacts on sales and customer loyalty.
By combining geographic data and innovative marketing strategies, AI enables merchants to better understand, target and engage their local customers. This creates more relevant and personalized experiences.
AI analyzes huge volumes of geospatial, geographic, behavioral and transactional data to understand consumer trends and behaviors in specific areas. This allows marketers to effectively target their efforts based on the results collected.
Using AI for local marketing has enormous benefits by giving merchants a better understanding of local customers, optimizing the placement of marketing efforts, and creating more personalized and relevant customer experiences.

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