Generation Z is gradually abandoning Google for their searches (Study)!

The rise of TikTok continues to amaze. Beyond its role as an entertainment platform, TikTok now seems to become a must for the search for information, especially among generation Z. A recent study analyzed this trend which could cast more and more shadows on the search engine leader: Google . Here’s what you need to remember.

Generation Z Google

Generation Z: who are they? (I remember)

THE generation Zoften called “Gen Z,” brings together people born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s, although exact dates may vary depending on sources. They follow Generation Y (or Millenials) and represent the first generation to have grown up with the Internet and technology from a young age.

TikTok vs Google: the key numbers from the survey:

According to a recent survey conducted by Her Campus Media, a media company focused on Generation Z, TikTok dominates as a search engine for this age group.

74% of them use TikTok searchand, surprisingly, 51% prefer TikTok to Google for their searches.

What are the 3 main reasons behind TikTok’s popularity as a search engine?

Generation Z expressed three main reasons for this preference:

  1. the video format of the results, which satisfied 69% of those interviewed,
  2. the answers considered most relevant (65%),
  3. the personalized aspect of the answers which convinced 47% of those interviewed.

The impact of TikTok on purchasing decisions:

TikTok’s influence goes far beyond just search.

The hashtag “#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt” is not just a slogan; describes a reality.

72% of Gen Z have purchased a product after seeing it on TikTokmaking this platform an essential powerhouse in terms of influencing purchases.

Product Discovery by Generation Z:

When it comes to discovering new products or brands, this generation largely prefers social media.

70.34% of them turn to influencers for advicewhile 62.31% trust brands.

Surprisingly, only 61.17% rely on “someone they trust,” such as family or friends.

TikTok vs Instagram: the battle for generation Z

So who wins the platform battle for Gen Z?

In terms of video viewing, TikTok remains the leader with 76% preferences. However, when it comes to everyday use, Instagram leads the way: 95% of Generation Z internet users use it every day.

However, TikTok is not far behind with 80% daily usage.

Survey information:

This online study, distributed through Her Campus Media newsletters and social media accounts, was conducted in August. It garnered 1,821 responses, exclusively from the United States. Of these, 97% were women and 71% were university students.


The rapidly evolving digital landscape, exemplified by the rise of TikTok, highlights the importance of marketers staying on top of trends and understanding changing consumer habits.

For Gen Z, TikTok is more than just an entertainment platform, it’s a powerful search engine and shopping influencer. Brands need to take this into account to stay relevant and effective in their marketing strategies.

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