Everything you need to know about web design

Everything you need to know about web design

Everything you need to know about web design

In this article, we’re going to talk about web design, including how to get started Make every website a success. But how can we do it right?
Knowing what it is and what characteristics make a good design is important if we want our project to make a difference.

What is web design?

Lots of people have the idea Web design is based solely on the creation of websitesbut the truth is that all activities are about the planning, usability, design and even maintenance of the websites.
Aside from the other important aspects that make up a website, Design and aesthetics must be kept in mind first. Because it can affect many aspects that affect development, positioning and even conversions.
Choosing and opting for a professional web design can help you achieve your goals faster.
Thanks to web design, we can effectively strengthen our brand image and increase our presence worldwide.

What should I consider when designing a website?

There are countless aspects to keep an eye on as you continue to design your websitethe ones directly related to pure web design are these:

  1. Corporate image: Fonts, logos, colors and images.
  2. target group to provide a better experience.
  3. The Picture You want to project onto your project.

Then there are many other important points that have more to do with it technical and marketing issues This influences the design and must be taken into account plan a website

  • which one is this Lens, what did you do with the web?: sales, visits to physical stores, promotion of your product, brand extension, information…
  • The type of information you want to show visitors: images, videos, text…
  • budget which you can use in the design as it can greatly affect the work.
  • What kind of website you need and whether you want to manage it via a CMS.
  • priority of Responsive or mobile-first design when your customers need it.
  • Choose and prioritize the functionalities of your website so that it is practical and meets both your needs and those of the user.

But all this type of content should be bolstered by the aesthetic aspects that help you create it Information is correctly distributed according to priority you want to provide to make the website more effective.
Also importantly, the design takes it a step further and provides visitors with a trusted experience, which translates into higher conversions.
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Choose a web design that suits you and not the other way around

Long ago, web design was somewhat prohibitive due to the lack of convenient ways to develop and update content. This sets the bar very high as the sites are updated more frequently and it’s convenient to facelift them more often.
The information that is processed today is immediate and fast. Therefore, what we communicated a week ago may need to be changed today so that it remains valid, even if not much time has passed.
For this reason each web designer had to adapt to this type of scenario and create webpage mockups that allow for easy updating even if the person does not have extensive technical knowledge.

Works based on adaptation to mobile devices and computers.

Nowadays, it must be taken into account that at least 60% of the visualizations that any web page can have can be done through these devices, so the design must adapt to them so that the user experience is not compromised
That’s why it was created adaptive web design, which can adapt to the screens of any device the user is on, regardless of its dimensions. Having one is now just as important as having a website itself.

Works with good loading speed

This topic can be a bit controversial for web designers since their goal is to achieve the highest quality in every graphic they display on the websites they work on.
For this purpose, they can implement animations, images, videos and any type of content. However, when these are misused, it affects the speed at which the page loads for the user to click on it.
It doesn’t matter if the user remains patient in the first place and decides to wait for the loading process. If you keep browsing the site and you find that the actions take a long time, you will end up giving up the thought of being there and end up leaving the site without wanting to return.

Does web design serve to retain my customers?

Many people are looking for a way to retain their customers so that they don’t stop generating new customers organic traffic to your websitesand share your content with others to attract more potential customers.
Based on this, many spend most of their time contemplating the importance of the webpage’s content, as it is known that it must be correctly optimized and also fully useful to any user who shows an interest in it.
But 50% will always be the first impression the user has when entering the site, and that can only be achieved with a coherent and easy-to-understand web design. So yes, this process is like that too important in building customer loyalty.

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