Engaged Campaign of the Week: Global Warming Series, a collection by The North Face

Engaged Campaign of the Week: Global Warming Series, a collection by The North Face


To prepare for a future in which the planet and its climatic conditions are hostile to us, The North Face, in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson Mexico, launches a collection based on the predictions of artificial intelligence.

A worrying future

By analyzing scientific data such as historical increases in greenhouse gas emissions, projected temperature levels and using artificial intelligence, The North Face has created a futuristic clothing line to raise awareness of current and future environmental issues.

The collection predicts three extreme climates that we are likely to experience sooner than we would like: extreme heat, extreme cold, and flooding, which we know will reduce the habitable land area on Earth and cause mass migrations.

This is a wake-up call for everyone, brands, governments, consumers and people, to act now and avoid a future where research must adapt to the extreme conditions of a hostile world.

Omar Fabian
Creative Director, WT Mexico

Although this scenario seems far away to us, several countries in Africa and South America are already experiencing dry climates, severe droughts and uncontrollable fires. The effects are already being felt in Mexico, for example, where droughts have sadly destroyed some biodiversity.

A collection that hopefully will not see the light of day

The North Face doesn’t want the collection, dubbed The Global Warming Series, to actually come out because that would mean we’re no longer able to cope with the climatic conditions that have peaked.

Still want those futuristic pieces? These are available as a limited edition NFT in the Metaverse. Funds raised through this initiative go to the NGO ProNatura México AC, which works to protect the environment.

This campaign can be found on the ACT Responsible website.

Who is ActResponsible?

Act Responsible is an international non-profit association based in Switzerland. In 2008, the international federation was affiliated with the United Nations Department for Global Communications. And it is registered in the Global Compact. ACT is the abbreviation for AAdvertising Ccommunity Ttogether.

The aim is to inspire, promote and bundle communication about social and ecological responsibility.

How to support Act Responsible?

“Sensitization, education and discussion of important causes. »

Like and share the campaigns collected by the association on social networks. Become a member and support the work of the association.

Raise awareness and spread the word about important issues by organizing an exhibition or screening.

There are many ways to get involved. The most important thing is to find a sincere and authentic meaning. act-responsible.org

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