Choose the dedicated server for your eCommerce site

Choose the dedicated server for your eCommerce site

If having an online store has many advantages, it is important to take care of certain technical details such as hosting your site. In fact, the choice of a good server influences the visibility and performance of your e-commerce. There are different types, however for virtual stores, the dedicated server stands out as the best hosting option. Profitability, security and reliability are all the advantages that this solution gives you. Do you have an e-commerce site or want to create one? Why choose a dedicated server for your project?

Increased page load speed for your ecommerce site

Like many Internet users, you’ve probably already clicked on a site or page and experienced slow charging speed. However, it is well known that one element of performance regarding sites (mainly e-commerce) is the speed at which pages are displayed.

He is not unaware that with the rapid circulation of information on the web, Internet users tend to resort to more reactive sites. They prefer those whom they can visit in just a few seconds. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to be able to respond to your customers’ requests in a timely manner.

Do we need to remind you that a site whose pages load quickly not only gets better traffic, but also ranks well in search engines like Google? So, the accommodation you choose has a proven impact on the speed of your eCommerce site.

With a high-performance operating system, the dedicated server keeps your platform responsive and always available. With faster loading, it allows you to offer a good user experience to your Internet users and thus maintain the trust of your customers. Thanks to such hosting, you avoid any risk of slowdowns or errors on your site. Therefore, it is better to go to a host offering a dedicated server and cloud services in France for your online store.

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The ability to tailor your platform to your business needs

In general, virtual servers are designed to be occupied by different sites belonging to different clients. However, this is not the case. dedicated servers. Sold by private providers, they are intended for single user activity only. This allows it to fully adapt to the needs of your business.

In fact, one of the many advantages of dedicated servers is that they can be configured to meet the expectations of the owners of the sites they host. So depending on the size of your business, you may install on your server applications, software and even so many sites necessary for your activities. Plus, your server’s performance can be tuned to meet the demands of your business.

Given the complexity of the implications of an e-commerce site, it is always preferable to opt for a solution that allows you to maintain control of the various functionalities. HE dedicated server It offers you great freedom of management in the configuration and choice of the programs to install.

You have the possibility to use all the capacities of your server or only a part. In any case, it responds and evolves in proportion to your needs. Please note that there are dedicated physical servers and cloud versions.

Dedicated server: greater security

Regardless of the hosting solution you choose for your online store, it is absolutely essential to consider the security aspect. Your e-commerce site is a veritable gold mine of sensitive personal information about you and your customers. As a company, you have an obligation to ensure that your business and the lives of your customers are protected as much as possible from the risks of hacking and data theft. With a dedicated server solely to your activity, you limit the risk of fraudulent intrusion into your server, since you are the only one who has access to it.

For your own credibility and to protect yourself from disappointment that may result from information being stolen from your site, we recommend that you choose a dedicated server that offers an optimum degree of security and confidentiality. This allows you to maintain full control over your activity.

If you plan to put a new e-commerce online, give priority to a host that offers you a dedicated server. This will allow you to guarantee the security of your customers’ personal data, but also that of their transactions. Similarly, with dedicated hosting, your data is preserved in the event of a malfunction thanks to an automatic backup feature. Pay particular attention to the choice of features and options offered by the server you choose.

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Upgrade your ecommerce site with a dedicated server

If your goal is to increase your sales and scale your online store, the dedicated server represents an excellent solution. It is especially suitable for platforms with regular activity and a fairly large volume of requests.

Unlike platforms that are just storefronts for a business, eCommerce sites on their own are an entire business. Therefore, they are more frequented and constantly record transactions and activities. Of course, like any business, an online store needs to grow, expand its coverage and, therefore, its storage needs become more important. Only the dedicated server can provide the space these virtual businesses need to grow online.

Regarding performance, dedicated server has better advantages than shared servers, for example. It offers the possibility to store more data, to manage more traffic, to implement large-scale projects with greater ease. A dedicated server hardly imposes a resource limit on you.

For an online store, it remains particularly advantageous to help you effectively manage peak sales periods, among other things. You can choose dedicated hosting at the start of your business or when the server you shared with other users is no longer sufficient to meet the expansion needs of your e-commerce site. From dedicated cloud servers They also offer very wide possibilities in terms of performance.

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