a minimalist campaign consisting of 500 adsLLLLITL

a minimalist campaign consisting of 500 adsLLLLITL


British Airways has launched an innovative multi-channel campaign called A British Original, which celebrates the people of British Airways, its customers and the nation.

The campaign explores the myriad reasons why people travel, whether it’s to reconnect with loved ones, take a break or immerse yourself in a different culture. “A British original” enclosed over 500 unique performances in print, digital and outdoor formats and over 32 different short films.

Perfectly timed to the post-pandemic holiday boom, British Airways’ new brand positioning, ‘A British Original’, is set to be a celebration of the people of the airline, the customers and the nation as a whole.

Uncommon Creative Studio’s campaign focuses on the common question travelers are asked when they land in a new destination: ‘What is the purpose of your visit?’. Alongside standardized patterns of work or leisure, the campaign offered a more thoughtful and relatable set of responses for holidaymakers. – whether it’s “why this weather sucks,” “to fuel your social feed,” or “marriage CPR.”

In total, Uncommon created 500 individual print, digital and outdoor performances, along with 32 short films this further emphasized the myriad of reasons why Brits are so obsessed with going on holiday.

The 500 outdoor executions were also designed to suit the location, time of day, weather and what was happening in the news. Meanwhile, the text referred directly to the medium in which it appeared, as in humorous bus decorations and print ads that took a “battenberg” approach, with adjacent placements containing interacting reasons for why we travel.

The performances, which ranged from funny to moving, led to thousands of interactions with the campaign, as the brand managed to shift its focus from planes to people.



Brand: British Airways. Advertising agency: Uncommon Creative Studio, London. Copywriting: Uncommon Creative Studio, London. Advertising agency: MG OMD (Manning Gottlieb OMD), London. Country: United Kingdom.


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