9 effective sales promotion strategies for 2023

9 effective sales promotion strategies for 2023

To create a promotion strategy you need to define what you want to achieve: position your business, increase sales or attract more potential customers. From there you can choose what type of promotions you will use and for how long, as well as the channels and formats through which you will bring it to your audience.

Once these points are determined, it will be easier to consolidate the promotion of your business. We know that the ways to reach customers are constantly updated, and to support you in this process we will show you the strategies that will help you make your sales plan successful.

1. Email marketing

To implement a good email marketing strategy, you first need to get your customers’ contact information, email address and name, at least. They provide them in forms or landing pages in exchange for one subscription, an ebook, access to a webinar, or other valuable content.

Subsequently, communicating via email with your prospects and customers will be extremely beneficial in promoting your brand. Since they have already shown interest, you could send them some by this means types of discounts which they cannot refuse.

In case you want to reach more people and don’t have a robust lead database, Google Gmail includes advertising in the promotions bar. Here we see an example of the BBVA Bancomer brand, where it promotes its credit card and specifies in the upper corner that it is an advertisement.

Sales promotion strategy example: BBVA

Image of BBVA ATM

If you would like to expand your knowledge of email marketing, we invite you to take the HubSpot Academy email marketing course. In this course, you’ll learn how to create an email marketing strategy that will spur the growth of your business and your professional career.

With concepts ranging from segmentation and contact management to email deliverability and analytics, this training will help you create a humane and useful email marketing strategy, with which you can generate a bond of trust with your contacts. .

2. WhatsApp Business

Even big brands are joining this practice, so this year it will be a widespread strategy to complete the sales and promotion process of any business. Specifically, in the Business version we see brands advertising their products, banks answering questions from their customers and small businesses offering coupons.

Its biggest advantage is that it manages to reach people who use other social networks or not. a part from that WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users every month, above other platforms like Instagram and TikTok. An example of your question is the message that Farmacias del Ahorro sends to yours subscriber basein which it promotes its products.

Sales Promotion Strategy Example: WhatsApp Pharmacy

line image Thrift pharmacies

Furthermore, with the new integration between HubSpot and WhatsApp can you cEasily connect your WhatsApp account to communicate with your clientele, track conversations, and build stronger relationships from HubSpot through seamless integration between the two platforms.

3. Social networks

Today the promotion of a brand without at least one social network is unthinkable; Through them, users easily become familiar with your business and know what products or services you offer. These platforms offer multiple options to attract more customers; These include creating organic posts and getting engagement, advertising a post and paying to reach more interested people, or creating ads to display in your feed or even your chat message list.

Video content is on the rise and we can see it in the announcement of Moons. Use this format on your Facebook feed, where you promote your aligners, explaining how they work and gaining brand recognition.

Sales Promotion Strategy Example: Moons

Image of moons

4. Specialized blog content

When an Internet user wants to know about a topic, he consults it in a search engine, such as Google or Bing. Generally, he will read the content that appears in the first results and the site of the brand he belongs to will start to be relevant to him. If that content is related to a product or service, when you want to buy it, you will think of that brand.

This is why a blog is so important for promoting a business. But it’s not enough to publish for the sake of publishing, you need to discover the most useful topics for your potential customers. For this one software for sales and marketing teams it’s what helps you create a content marketing strategy and increase your organic traffic.

With the data you collect, you will be able to know what your visitors’ interests are and generate useful content, to deliver it to the right leads. This is the case of the Domestika platform, which knows its audience very well: people with creative and artistic professions.

Example of a sales promotion strategy: Domestika

Image of Domestic

5. Organization of events

Achieving direct interaction with your target audience is another highly efficient form of promotion. In this case, brands create free or paid events where people can participate and interact with their image, products and services. These are usually face-to-face or in digital format; among the options are sports events, concerts, webinars, live broadcasts, conferences, among others.

For example we have Adobe, which offered a live broadcast of a master class by illustrator Vania Bachur, who talked about how to create design kawaii.

Sales Promotion Strategy Example: Adobe

Image of Adobe Latin America

6. Collaborations

There may be a brand that your product has a certain relationship with and you consider forming an alliance with it, so that its customers get to know you. This is how both parties share their audience and promote each other. There are even brands that have dared to associate themselves with others in the same category, as Versace often does with H&M.

Another very recent example is the collaboration of Nike with the luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co, where they co-created a pair of black sneakers with a turquoise dove, which blends the style of the former and the sophistication of the latter.

Sales promotion strategy example: Nike and Tiffany

Image of Nike

7. Customer reviews

Your customers’ positive ratings of your products are one of the most trusted promotion strategies for people who are polling your brand. Because it’s one thing for you to talk about your benefits, and quite another for people who have already tried your product to do so. These days, almost all platforms allow you to rate or leave a review in the form of a comment.

So you can take your customers’ experience and show it to your potential customers.just like the Better Proposals listing software does on your website’s home page.

Example of a sales promotion strategy: BetterProposals

Image of Better offers

8. Adoption of cause

The truth is, there are many companies offering the same products as you, and to stand out, you need to find something that sets your business apart. People are looking for more humane brands that are aware of their environment, so showcasing your values ​​and beliefs is a great promotional strategy.

We have the case of the Garnier brand, which has adopted a more environmentally friendly view in recent years, which it calls Green Beauty. Its activities include supporting farming and other craft communities, producing products with organic ingredients, making packaging from recycled materials, using renewable energy in its production, and voluntarily supporting fight the presence of waste. the sea.

Sales promotion strategy example: Garnier

Image of Garnier

9. Loyalty program

another god promotions to increase sales of your business are loyalty programs. With these you offer your customers a series of attentions that allow them to enjoy your products or services even more. It’s about giving them an edge and rewarding them for their shopping preference, encouraging their loyalty.

There are different methods such as points cards, coupons with special discounts, subscriptions, tiered system and others.

For example, there is the Amazon Prime program, an additional cost service that allows users of the online store to have access to various advantages: free shipping on all products, exclusive prices, fast and priority deliveries, Prime Video services, Music Prime and First Game.

Sales promotion strategy example: Amazon prime

Image of Amazonia

These are some of the most important promotions for 2023. We hope this article helps you find the promotion strategy ideal for your business.

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