#63 Physionomad, the inspiration of a company ready for tomorrow Nicole Blacha

#63 – Physionomad, the inspiration of a company ready for tomorrow – Nicole Blacha

Are you looking for inspiration to boost your business, promote well-being in the workplace, motivate, include Generation Z and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time? This new podcast with Nicole Blacha, founder of Physionomade, deals with exactly these topics.


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Here are some highlights from this podcast on the company of tomorrow:

Nicole Blacha is the founder of Physionomade in Geneva. After practicing physiotherapy in a hospital for several years, Nicole decided to set up her own structure to care for her patients. Nicole has a very special way of running her business. For me, unlike classic corporate management, it represents exactly the way of thinking that we need for the future. Here is an overview.

1. Resilience at the heart of life and business

Nicole places great value on resilience. This ability to bounce back despite life’s trials has fascinated her since childhood. She believes that the therapeutic relationship built with her patients can give them this confidence in their abilities:

“We all have the opportunity to rebuild ourselves in the face of life’s trials. However, we are not the same when it comes to resilience. Some have it naturally, while others need help developing it.”

For Nicole, the dignity of standing up is very important, I’ll let you hear why below.

2. The employees at the center of the concerns

At Physionomade, employees benefit from favorable working conditions that are tailored to their needs. Nicole has implemented a policy of benevolence and flexibility to encourage a calm and positive work atmosphere. Among the benefits offered to employees we can mention:

  • The opportunity to adapt their working hours to their personal needs.
  • A salary well above the industry average.
  • A holiday that will never be refused.

So yes, that means Nicole invests energy in her internal organization and administration. If she does, it is mainly because – I quote her – “it doesn’t make any sense otherwise, Valérie”.

Aside from David Starck, I’ve heard of few leaders who care so much about their people.

3. Strengthen the bonds within the team

Whoever says nomads says travel. And that’s not how the residents of Physionomade see each other during the day. To create a stimulating and fulfilling work environment, Nicole has implemented several initiatives to encourage communication and sharing between team members:

  • A discussion group to share everyday experiences.
  • Shared meals.
  • Collective intelligence workshops to encourage creativity and engagement in an innovative and original way.

She talks about it and then gives several clear and very inspiring examples.

4. The importance of ecological commitment

Nicole believes she needs to work to reduce her company’s carbon footprint. She says herself that they are still not doing enough.

Thanks to reflection, support and experimentation, especially with Katell Bosser, they all started to reduce their footprint together. The company strongly encourages its employees to switch to zero-carbon transportation through reimbursement of their travel expenses, and plans to make electric bicycles available to its employees.

5. His experience with Generation Z

Nicole is surrounded by the Zs, she feels Z herself and she has understood how to integrate and motivate them.

She emphasizes the importance of rethinking traditional models to attract and retain Gen Z talent. Companies must therefore explore new solutions to provide a work environment that meets their needs. In our conversation, Nicole goes into detail about the needs of Generation Z.

6. The role of network and support

Finally, Nicole emphasizes the importance of support and building networks to ensure the success of a business and tomorrow. She emphasizes the importance of working with people who share similar values ​​and have complementary skills.

She also recommends seeking support from mentors and peer groups who can offer advice and share their experiences.

In summary, Nicole Blacha, founder of Physionomade, offers an innovative and benevolent business vision that focuses on resilience, employee well-being and environmental commitment. Everything we need in our companies for tomorrow!

His example is a real source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and executives looking to adapt their activities to today’s needs and the importance of personal or their employees.


The references we are talking about:

  • Spiritual Guidance, Romain Cristofini
  • Open a way, Emmanuel Faber
  • Podcast with Annika Mansson “Workplace Wellbeing for Corporate Sustainability”

A special thanks to Katell Bosser from Blooming Companies who accompanied Nicole and put us in touch.

A huge THANK YOU Nicole for this wonderful moment of sharing.

Enjoy listening to you all!


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