5 reasons you are not getting the SEO sucess that you expected

5 reasons you are not getting the SEO sucess that you expected

How is your SEO success going? Not getting the success you expected? Site traffic not what you want? Is there a mistake somewhere? Here are 5 signs by which you can tell. These signs are;

1) Your Site Doesn’t Appear in Searches
‘Not a single page of the website is on Google.’ This is the worst part of a failed SEO strategy and anyone can live with their optimizations. This means that your website is not found on Google or any other search engine.

It is because your website is new and does not contain any inbound links.
Your website has ‘noindex’ tags. The noindex value of a meta tag in HTML stops search bots from crawling and indexing your web pages.
You may have told search engines not to index your site. For example, when you start a new WordPress site, you automatically have it enabled.
If your website has been penalized and removed from Google, your site may not appear. Some sites may be removed if they don’t meet Google’s quality guidelines.
What to do
If your website is new, wait a while. Google will automatically index it.
Test to check for noindex tags that might work on your site.
If you are using WordPress, disable the box from Search Engine Visibility that prevents search bots from crawling your site.

2) Low Search Visibility for Industry Keywords
‘Only a few of my pages appear in search engines. What is the reason and what to do?’

Not optimizing your content with appropriate keywords
Your website is not optimized for search crawling
Insufficient off-page optimization
Your chosen keyword is very competitive
What to do
Do the right keyword research and create content on these keywords.
Start configuring your website to rank with on-page optimization.

3) Low Traffic to Your Website
‘My pages are showing but I am not getting the traffic I want. What are the reasons and what to do?’

Even if your blog post is well optimized with the right keywords and your content is super helpful, content clicks will be low if you don’t have a title and description optimized to attract visitors.

What to do
It’s important to create engaging titles and descriptions here. Individuals often read headlines or headlines rather than reading the entire content. In fact, 8 out of 10 people do this. That’s why you should pay attention to titles and descriptions to get the traffic you need.

4) Visitors Stay on Your Site for a Short Time
‘I get clicks but visitors don’t stay on my site. What are the reasons and what to do?’

The most likely cause of high bounce rates and low wait times is low-quality content. Headlines and content descriptions on Google promise gold information to users, but if the content they click does not meet this, visitors will leave immediately. At the same time, visitors may leave due to slow loading of pages, poor design and difficulty in entering the site.

What to do
Content should be of high quality and relevant images should be included.
Content should be interesting
Page load time should be adjusted
Mobile-friendly site design should be done
Users should be able to easily find what they are looking for on your site

5) Visitors Not Returning
‘I have site clicks and visitors stay on the site for a while, but another day no return. What is the reason and what to do?’

Your content is of low quality. If your content doesn’t offer value to readers, they won’t mind coming back another day either.
Lack of strategy in returning visitors
What to do
Receive your readers’ emails and send notifications of your new blog updates.
Choose keywords that have long-term potential. You can use Google Trends for this.
You have to build a strong social media.
In general, your content should be great
Develop strategies based on these tips and earn your place on Google.

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