9 best free mind mapping software to organize your ideas

▷ 9 best free mind mapping software to organize your ideas

Do you often have a lot of ideas going through your head? Are you afraid of losing them and above all of missing out on a brilliant idea? We have selected for you the most used mind mapping tools to help you organize your thoughts, improve the way you work or study and why not your memory…

This free mind mapping software allows you to create flowcharts and mind maps. It offers up to 1600+ free symbols to create 3 private diagrams and countless public diagrams or schematics. This gives you the option to integrate visual elements or floating annotations and use colored arrows.Training Creation and development of a training activity

The tool offers a “History” option that allows you to view the changes made to the mind map and review them at any time. Coggle also lets you share your creation with the people involved in your project. Most ? Its practicality and ease of use!

Mindmeister is by far the most comprehensive mind mapping software that allows you to create beautiful mind maps in just a few clicks! It is a must-have for its ease of use and ergonomics! It also offers multiple customization options.

His greatest asset? It offers a mobile application! You can change your mind maps directly from your smartphone. All you have to do is download and install the app.

This software is perfect for brainstorming, taking notes or preparing projects! His plus? It comes with a powerful mind mapping editor and is accessible on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux!

With this free mind mapping tool, you can map your ideas or thoughts to make them easier to implement. The software is also suitable for multiple uses, allowing the creation of charts, diagrams, pictograms or symbols.

Its advantage? It is available as a mobile application and can also be installed on a computer. Intended for both professionals and individuals, it offers customization options as well as ease of use!

Lucidchart, a hugely successful mind mapping software, offers you several features including data visualization tools and options to integrate data from third-party sources. It is very effective, especially in the context of collaborative work.

This tool gives you the ability to add comments or notes about the changes made to your diagram so your collaborators can follow the draft. Most ? It is easy to use and allows you to export your creation to various file formats.

MindMup is also one of the most commonly used mind mapping programs. In addition to being free, this tool offers numerous functions such as creating mind maps, storyboards, team project management, adding notes, attachments or images.

The tool allows you to convert your designs to PDF, text or PowerPoint format depending on your needs. You can also share your achievements online or save them to the cloud, but this is a paid feature.

Its advantage? Thanks to the keyboard shortcuts, the software has a smooth and user-friendly interface.

This free and very comprehensive mind mapping software will amaze you with its ease of use. Ideal for companies, but also accessible to beginners.

It can be used for both brainstorming and collaborative work and can be perfectly combined with your office tools. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. You can also share your creations with your collaborators.

Most ? The interface is both attractive and immersive enough to give users a great experience!

One of the references on the market, Gloomaps is an online mind mapping tool. Its advantage lies in the numerous customization options such as the background color of a bubble, the color of the font, the format (portrait or landscape), etc.

Easier to use: all you have to do is create your mind map and save it in XML, PDF or PNG format without having to create an account to access the software. The only catch is that its layouts aren’t ideal for business presentations, but more casual ones.

This software is also ideal due to the possibility of offering different types of mind maps. It is characterized by more or less personalized results compared to other tools. For a better result, you have the opportunity to use a wide range of icon designs and arrows!

Its advantages? Not only does it come in two flavors: desktop and online, but it also comes with 2MB of storage! The tool allows you to create up to 5 charts.

To manage your projects or organize your ideas, Mindomo is also a good choice! It is easier to use than other tools and allows you to create a chart for your own needs or as part of group work. You can also add notes to guide your employees.

Its biggest advantage is the availability in software version and online version. You can use it for your computer, tablet or smartphone! You can also share your mind maps online.

Its peculiarity? You can view your Mind Maps (Mind Maps) created with Mindomo, as well as diagrams created with Mindmeister, Bubbl.us, Xmind or MindManager gthanks to its import function.

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